• 6 Michelin stars lighting our way!

    … Two prestigious patrons who are veritable legends of Belgian haute cuisine are doing us the honour and kindness of lending their support to Pistolet – Original.

    Pierre Wynants

    With more than 40 years experience as chef of Comme chez Soi, where he has now handed over the baton to his son-in-law, held three Michelin stars for over 27 years.

    Pierre, a native of Brussels, is a veritable encyclopaedia of gastronomy, a strong supporter of ‘belgitude’ at the table and a great lover of pistolets filled with ground meat … and pickles!

    Freddy Vandecasserie

    Who spent nearly 40 years at the Villa Lorraine, can also boast of having held 3 stars in the Red Guide for many years.

    A native of West Flanders, Freddy is a true Renaissance man of gastronomy. He would sell his soul for a pistolet with hand-peeled grey shrimp, which crustaceans he is also fond of fishing for himself.
    Today he assists his son Patrick in his new restaurant, De Mayeur, in Ruisbroek.

  • Pierre Wynants, chef pendant 40 ans du Comme chez Soi
    Freddy Vandecasserie
    Freddy Vandecasserie