• Belgian taste

    Belgium, the land of gastronomy

    Belgium is a land of gastronomy and gourmet dining, but even Belgians themselves are often unfamiliar with all it has to offer!

    Yet our land is home to veritable culinary treasures, and Pistolet Original has made it its mission to help both locals and foreigners (re)discover specialities that are worth the trouble.

    Saveloy sausage, blood pudding, Ardennes ham, cheese curd from Walschot, Ghent mustard, Pickles, Mayonnaise, Grey shrimp, Farmhouse butter, beef from the ‘Rouge des Flandres’ breed of cows, Kipkap (a type of headcheese in aspic), Potjesvlees (a Flemish terrine), the raw milk cheeses of the Herve region – the only Belgian cheese with a protected designation of origin, handmade traditional ice cream, generous pastries (Berliner doughnuts and Eclairs), our country is bursting with specialities showcased by Pistolet Original.

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