• The ‘Pistolet’ bread roll


    While everyone in Belgium is familiar with the ‘Pistolet’ as this delicious puffy bread roll with the slit down the middle, a soft core and trademark crisp crust, the truth is, it did not always have this form or this crispness: it took several centuries for it to reach adulthood and become this tasty.

    What about its name? It is supposed to come from the price (one pistole, an early type of coin), but the pistole was worth much more than a bread roll… and so the mystery remains.…

    Its history is not easy to trace, and documentary evidence of its existence dates back only to the nineteenth century.

    That being said, it is an essential part of the food heritage of our country for young and old alike to enjoy.

    In Belgium, the Pistolet has numerous cousins, often similar in nature but bearing different names: ‘miche’, bun, ‘faluche’ or even ‘Brötchen’ in the German-speaking eastern part of the country.

    In Brussels, and throughout most of Flanders as well, it is known as a Pistolet!

    The Pistolet is Belgian and always will be! Don’t try to ask for it abroad, the baker will think it’s a hold-up…

  • Pistolet fourré de Pistolet Original Bruxelles